"She Can Be Both"

Is a fearless affirmation to women everywhere that we are not defined by one thing, but many. 

It's time to embrace being both professional and sexy, confident and humble, empowered and vulnerable, and unapologetically ourselves. 

A woman like you is multifaceted and inspiring.

A woman like you is both. 

Female Forward

Female Forward

She Can Be Both is inspired by extraordinary women like you who do it all. You are the kind of woman we are proud to call our mother, sister, partner, role model, mentor, and friend.

Female Inspired

Female Inspired

Let our signature 18K rose gold necklace featuring a red amethyst gemstone be a daily reminder to embrace your duality and follow your passions.

Female Founded & Handcrafted

Female Founded & Handcrafted

All of our pieces are female hand-crafted in Los Angeles, CA with inspiration and quality in mind above all else. The versatility of our jewelry makes a perfect gift for you or that inspirational woman in your life.

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