Like all great stories, this one starts after a couple rounds of some really delicious margaritas with your friends.  

Over brunch with a couple nurses, we found ourselves trying to solve the mystery of why women are not celebrated for identifying with multiple roles or careers. 

You see.. I was sitting next to an all star Registered Nurse (not to mention John Hopkins University graduate) & Published Model who was terrified of posting her bikini photos online out of fear of being judged or viewed as less of a nurse. 

After seeing her incredibly gorgeous photos and hard abs, I said, 


The next morning after signing myself up at her gym, I posted a picture of her on my Instagram in her scrub uniform alongside a picture of her in her bikini from the photoshoot (with her permission of course) with the hashtag #SheCanBeBoth 

My caption read:

"Sexy and intelligent, soft and bold, beautiful and weird, strong and flawed, crazy and amazing, bossy and sensitive, empowered and scared, feisty and passionate, relentless and thriving.


A few days later the #SheCanBeBoth hashtag I created was trending on Instagram and went VIRAL !!! Women from all over the world were posting side-by-side pictures of themselves, in different uniform and roles, in solidarity. I was in awe of all the stories shared by women who identified as both a Business Professional and Mother, Healthcare Professional and Entrepreneur, Lawyer and Artist, CEO and Model and ..the list went on. 

Today, I am proud to bring you the She Can Be Both signature necklace, featuring a natural red amethyst gemstone to symbolize a woman’s courage and passion to embrace her many roles in life. I believe its the perfect gift for you or that inspirational woman in your life whether it be for everyday wear, work attire, or a special night out. 

She Can Be Both Founder, Georgina Villarreal, MSN, RN
With Love,
Georgina Villarreal, Founder and CEO of She Can Be Both